This site exists to keep alive the memory of Re-Constriction Records and archive the better parts of the Re-Con website (circa 2000) so that one doesn't have to dredge through the Internet Archives' Wayback Machine to see a series of broken links and images, as well as a few new bits.

Re-Constriction Records was an industrial-rock label created in the early 90's by Chase, a San Diego State University radio DJ and promo lackie for Kk Records, who developed his love for industrial-music and his connection with bands across the country into a series of self-released compilations under the If It Moves... label. These compilations allowed him to segue into his own label, released through Cargo Records' distribution umbrella, where he was able to release many of his favorite bands whose demos he had helped to make public during the If It Moves... days.

Signing bands like Diatribe and 16 Volt, self-styled "label slumlord" Chase churned out some of the best and most-loved industrial-rock albums of the 90's, though he would always forgo the term "industrial" in favor of his own terms, such as "synthcore" or "hardfloor", that didn't carry the stigma of typical industrial music.

Moving into the late 90's, the scene, album sales, and interest in Re-Constriction waned. The world of underground industrial, particularly music not strictly related to EBM and European electronics, was falling apart and there just wasn't a community to support excellent labels like Re-Constriction or its peers, such as RAS DVA, 21st Circuitry, Pendragon, and Decibel, all of whom dissolved.

Though Chase has moved on to new and better things (another career, not death), he and his excellent taste in catchy, rockin' music and sense of humor will never be forgotten.

Chase, this one's for you.



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